Circular economy: a sustainable solution in Italy and South America
23-02-2021 | di COOPI

Circular economy: a sustainable solution in Italy and South America

On 25 February at 3 p.m. COOPI - Cooperazione Internazionale will take part, in the person of Rodolfo Pasinetti - COOPI Head of Mission in Bolivia, in the event Recycling and recovery of solid waste: state of the art and developments for fostering the circular economy organised by the University of Insubria.

The event aims to address the development of circular economy in Europe and Latin America through sustainable technologies and methods, focusing in particular on solid waste recovery and recycling.

COOPI will contribute to the discussion on the basis of its experience in various projects, including the one currently under way in Bolivia. In the Bolivian capital, La Paz, thanks to the support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), COOPI is engaged in a project aimed at improving the environmental sustainability of the city and the management of solid waste, with particular attention to inorganic waste and construction and demolition waste.

Through collaboration with local authorities and citizens, see the online awareness campaign organised together with numerous volunteers, the project has led to: a reduction in the environmental impact caused by the abandonment of construction waste in the open air; greater efficiency and effectiveness of the urban waste sorting process; the activation of a circular waste economy and the dissemination of innovative waste exploitation technologies.

This and much more will be discussed during the event which will be attended by:

- Prof. Mario Grosso, Milan Polytechnic University

- Dr. Rodolfo Pasinetti, COOPI Head of Mission in Bolivia

- Prof. Mentore Vaccari, University of Brescia - DICATAM

- Eng Navarro Ferronato, Ph.D University of Insubria - DiSTA

- Ing. Giovanni Ciceri, RSE - Ricerca Sistema Energetico

- Prof. Marcelo Antonio Gorritty Portillo, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés - IIDEPROQ (Bolivia)

- Prof. Raquel Bielsa, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento (Argentina)

- Prof. Francesco Romagnoli (Baiba Ievi?a & Mi?elis Dzik?vi?s), Riga Technical University (Latvia)

Moderators: Prof. Vincenzo Torretta (University of Insubria - DiSTA) & Prof. Marco Ragazzi (University of Trento - DICAM, Italy)

To participate, please register at this link.

Check here to download the schedule of the activities.