COOPI turns 55: president Ceravolo's message
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16-04-2020 | di COOPI

COOPI turns 55: president Ceravolo's message

April 15th is a special day, it is the 55th anniversary of COOPI and I would like to share with you some reflections of these days. When you go to the mountains, every now and then it is pleasant to stop and look at the path already walked, further down.

The 55th usually does not take on the iconic value of full numbers: 25, 50, 100 years... But it always represents a beautiful goal, which few Italian NGOs have crossed so far.

Looking back and even in this particular moment, I see a growth both in people and in the whole organization, which represents not only a growth of projects, of communities involved, but above all a cultural growth.

Thanks to the stimulus of our founder, Father Vincenzo Barbieri, we have gone from an Association that looked above all at the motivations and always valid ideals of young people who wanted to spend their lives for the poorest, to an Organization that puts the effectiveness of action at the center of its interventions. To be very concrete, to look without ideologies if what we do is useful or not to improve people's health and nutrition, to send children to school: this is the message that Barbieri launched daily, also by example.

Today more than ever we look ahead, far away but united, ready to take up with you ancient challenges and at the same time new ones, remaining well anchored to our origins and at the same time continuously evolving.

Our commitment continues, THANK YOU for being with us!

Claudio Ceravolo

President of COOPI