Covid-19. Our regional response in Latin America and the Caribbean
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01-05-2020 | di COOPI

Covid-19. Our regional response in Latin America and the Caribbean

COVID-19 affected Latin American and the Caribbean as well. Up to the 28th of April, the total amount of registered cases was 147,000 in South America and 34,000 in Central America and the Caribbean. COOPI, active in eight countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela), elaborated specific contingency plans for each delegation. The aim is to answer to the pandemic emergency, respecting the directives implemented by the national governments and keeping a regional focus in the humanitarian action.

Carrying out a quick response is the priority. The objective is to save lives among those categories who face numerous challenges (exclusion, inability to generate income, violence, trafficking, discrimination) such as women, children, elders, disabled people, refugees and LGBTIQ+ communities.

In a health emergency like the one we are living, it is essential to prioritize sectors such as water and hygiene, health, protection, food security, livelihoods and reception centres. COOPI has a long-standing experience in all these sectors”, explains Nicola Momenté, Regional Coordinator in Latin America and the Caribbean. Moreover, thanks to its expertise in disaster risk reduction and in socio-economic integration, COOPI can promote long-lasting solutions that will enable people to face not only the current crisis but also the socio-economic effects that it will produce later.

The bulletin on the COOPI response to COVID-19 in Latina America and the Carribean

COOPI plans take into consideration both the COVID-19 emergency and the humanitarian system existing in the countries: they can reach around 169,000 vulnerable people, either with projects that fit into the humanitarian response plan such as those in Colombia, Haiti and Venezuela either through the regional response plan for migrants and refugees like those in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Flexible and quickly achievable funds are needed to reach the population and the objectives fixed. COOPI offers its skills and it proposes itself as a player to give an efficient response and to cooperate with national governments and with the United Nations agencies on the field.