Malawi. Towards the first fish harvest
10-10-2018 | di COOPI

Malawi. Towards the first fish harvest

In Malawi, the project "Strengthening the resilience of vulnerable communities in the districts of Salima and Mangochi", implemented by COOPI and funded by AICS, is developing aquaculture basins in the areas of the district of Mangochi further away from the lake.

In May, fry were distributed to populate the tanks and the first food for their support.

Manual machinery was then ordered to produce the food directly on site, thus increasing the sustainability of the intervention.

Meanwhile, the farmers involved in the activity were trained on how and when to feed the fish and how to treat the water, while the officers of the fisheries department, together with COOPI staff, monitored the development of the animals to ensure that it was correct.

Monitoring was also carried out by means of measurement sampling.

Now, after almost five months, the results are beginning to be seen. During the last measurement, the head of the Talandira group, looking at the fish that were being sampled, said: "they are almost the size of the plate!”

The first harvest is expected towards the end of November.