Nigeria: classrooms are ready!
18-04-2018 | di COOPI

Nigeria: classrooms are ready!

Within the project “Intervention to extend the access to quality education (formal and non formal) and psychosocial support for school-age children in the hosting villages and displaced communities of Maiduguri urban area (Nigeria)", financed by AICS (the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation), COOPI has been working from June 2017 to April 2018 on the construction and rehabilitation of four schools in different areas of Bolori II ward, namely:

  • Gonidamgari Primary & Junior Secondary School;
  • Diyabe Primary School;
  • Ngarannam Primary & Junior Secondary School;
  • Umarari Primary & Junior Secondary School.

After establishing positive coordination with Borno State Universal Basic Education Board in Maiduguri (SUBEB), joint assessment visits were made in the field in order to assess the schools. Detailed technical assessment was then conducted in these selected schools to finalize the rehabilitation/construction and water supply interventions. The following are the works which were carried out:

  • Construction of 4 semi-permanent classrooms and 8 toilets in Gonidamgari PJSS;
  • Construction of 6 semi-permanent classrooms and 8 toilets in Diyabe PS;
  • Rehabilitation of 4 class rooms in Gondamgari PJSS;
  • Rehabilitation of 4 classrooms in Umarari PJSS;
  • Construction of 16 toilets in Ngarannam PJSS;
  • Construction of overhead steel tank in each school.

Here follows a photo gallery displaying the finished classrooms. Enjoy!