Paraguay. COOPI among the promoters of the digital event Plan V - A green world
23-10-2020 | di COOPI

Paraguay. COOPI among the promoters of the digital event Plan V - A green world

On 8 October, COOPI in Paraguay took part in Plan V, a digital event designed to stimulate the pursuit of more sustainable economic models and to promote the recovery of the planet's green areas.

The initiative - organized by the European Union, the United Nations Development Programme, WWF, KOGA and COOPI itself - is part of the project "For our Great Sustainable Chaco: Active participation in land management models for environmental conservation integrated with sustainable production" funded by the European Union and of which COOPI is an active part.

The agenda of the event saw a succession of interventions and debates on different environmental issues - from climate change to composting and carbon emissions - all with the final goal of contributing to the preservation of Gran Chaco’s environmental functions and ecosystem services in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

For the occasion, COOPI invited to the debate "Green enterprises and sustainable models" the expert Alessandro Leonardi, leader of the first global accelerator created to promote green enterprises and circular economy - the Nature-Accelerator; on the main stage, COOPI hosted Joseph Simcox, expert botanical explorer of the world's food and plant resources, and Daniel Arteaga, regional expert in Disaster Risk Management.

The Gran Chaco forests are the largest in South America - excluding the Amazon - but they are disappearing at the rate of one hectare per minute, threatening the area's rich and unique biodiversity.

Since 2001, COOPI has been working in the Gran Chaco to support indigenous peoples by improving access to drinking water and promoting food security in the communities most affected by climate change. In addition, COOPI is committed to promoting indigenous culture, mainly focusing on traditional pharmacy, in order to create new employment opportunities for young people.