PARFEC: new activities to support small farmers
06-06-2019 | di COOPI

PARFEC: new activities to support small farmers

Started in June 2017, the PARFEC project - Support for the resilience of vulnerable farmers and stockbreeders in southern Lobaye - funded by the Bêkou Trust Fund of the European Union, aims to strengthen the economic and organizational capacities of small farmers and livestock breeders in the capital Bangui districts and in the municipalities of Bimbo and Bégoua in the Central African Republic.

Since the beginning of the project, we have set up 3 production stations of fingerlings, distributed tools and equipment for fish farming, and organized training sessions for producers in the pig, poultry and fish sectors, in order to improve the beneficiaries' theoretical and practical knowledge.

In doing so, we have:

  • improved the quality of livestock farming through investment in the genetics sector;
  • reduced production costs, linked to the use of local food products, and monitored the most intensive production systems;
  • trained small farmers on intensive production techniques, the latest trends in livestock equipment and the promotion of good livestock and specific hygiene practices.

One of the PARFEC beneficiaries (in red) and some of the project trainers

Between April and May 2019, the PARFEC team visited several districts in Bangui, Central African Republic, to monitor the progress of the beneficiaries, who received 200 chicks and 4.5 kg of fingerlings each.