Policy Protection COOPI: approach and best practices
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16-11-2016 | di COOPI

Policy Protection COOPI: approach and best practices

COOPI has just published its new Policy Protection, the guidance document on COOPI's approach to protection, one of the fundamental values of our interventions.

The Protection Policy is part of a series of documents which COOPI is adopting in order to position itself with respect to issues that are central to the work of the organization.

Its extensive experience in the field and its diversified expertise among different geographical areas have allowed COOPI to focus on these strengths and best practices - as is stated in the document - to ensure the quality of its operations, the satisfaction of the people assisted, and the knowledge sharing.

Protection interventions are undertaken to ensure full respect of the rights of all persons in conditions of equality, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnic or social origin or other, also during periods of conflict, humanitarian crisis, displacement, war and/or natural disasters.