What We Do

Consolidating resilience against climate change

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Through the Ñañua Paraguay project, COOPI contributes to the country by strengthening the governance and advocacy capacities of local civil society organizations in the development and implementation of public policies aimed at increasing Paraguay's resilience to the impacts of Climate Change.

It also seeks to empower community initiatives to strengthen and protect livelihoods and conserve natural resources for the permanence of environmental services. The activities are based on a focus on information and awareness-raising on the effects of climate change and the country's potential to address this crisis. The project, implemented in partnership with Manos Unidas and the local organisations Alter Vida and Paraguay Orgánico, with the support of the European Union, aims to benefit 24,900 people, among them:

  • 14 producer organisations;
  • 43 women's committees;
  • 64 indigenous communities from 6 native peoples and;
  • 140 local officials/authorities that are located in 126 communities in 20 districts of 6 departments in both regions of the country (eastern and western).

The project is funded by