What We Do

Ensuring the fundamental rights of children

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In Ziguinchor, a small town in the Casamance region of southern Senegal, COOPI supports Futur Au Présent (FAP), an international solidarity association that implements programmes to fight poverty. Within these programmes, COOPI supports all educational activities, social animation, schooling and psychosocial support for children through the Child Sponsorship program. 

The Child Sponsorship is a programme regularly supported by private Italian donors, thanks to which school fees are paid and the necessary teaching materials for school activities are delivered every year. During the summer, summer support courses are provided for pupils in greatest difficulty and teachers are offered refresher courses. But that's not all.

Through Child Sponsorship, COOPI also takes care of the students' food, guaranteeing the operation of the school canteen. Served meals are rich and varied and allow for the harmonious development of the children. Furthermore, to improve health conditions, the organisation covers the costs of necessary medical care, from medicines to specialist visits and vaccinations, through the establishment of a health fund. Finally, in terms of non-formal educational activities, it offers children peace and citizenship education courses, awareness-raising on hygiene measures, as well as specific recreational activities at festive occasions. 

Project supported by private funds.