What We Do

Humanitarian assistance in community centres for East Aleppo population

From 2012 to 2016 Aleppo was involved in one of the most tragic battles of the Syrian crisis. More than three years after the end of the siege, the situation is still very serious.

COOPI project aims to support the population of East Aleppo affected by the conflict by reaching more than 500 men, women, children and elderly people suffering from psychological trauma, permanent disabilities, malnutrition and deprivation.

To this end, a peripheral assistance centre and a new mobile unit have been set up in the Salheen district, where beneficiaries will be able to receive adequate treatment.

COOPI will provide first aid materials, basic medicines and specialized psychological support in order to strengthen their resilience. The COOPI staff will identify vulnerable persons, carry out diagnoses and provide those affected with patient support.

These assistance interventions will help to achieve another, longer-term goal: the reactivation of social protection mechanisms and the creation of a community protecting, understanding environment, focused on encouraging the adoption of supportive practices rather than discriminating the most vulnerable victims of the conflict.

The projct is financed by UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency).