What We Do



We increase the accessibility to and the quality of health services and we look after mother and child health.

COOPI implements basic health programs that support the local health systems, with the direct involvement of the communities, particularly in areas where conflicts and wars have greatly weakened the social fabric. These activities consist of basic first aid, preventive and therapeutic care and psychosocial support for survivors of gender-based violence. We build and renovate pharmaceutical warehouses and health structures in small towns or isolated areas, encouraging a decentralised and community-based management of services; we enhance existing skills and train people to manage the community’s health needs independently.

We also implement programs for preventing and treating endemic diseases, for maternal-child and reproductive health including growth checks and vaccination campaigns, and specific interventions linked to nutrition. In addition we are heavily involved in the fight against pandemics and poverty-related diseases, particularly the fight against HIV/AIDS, and against other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The organization also supports the “Safe Hospitals” campaign launched by PAHO/WHO in areas that are particularly vulnerable to natural threats, promoting standards for the construction of healthcare facilities, strengthening risk and crisis management capabilities, and the management of sanitary waste. Lastly, we support epidemiological and nutritional monitoring systems through the use of monitoring systems for local and national healthcare centres and coordination clusters. Other healthcare interventions include support to second-level healthcare structures and programs to involve traditional medicine practitioners.

Please note: the data on this page refer to the last Annual Report.