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Food security to prevent malnutrition in Kasai

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Over the last 18 months, food insecurity has become a major problem for the province of Central Kasai.

In Kasai, malnutrition represents about 28% of the main causes of mortality in children under five years; in addition, the lack of safe water sources has caused an increase in malaria infections, which are fatal in 30% of cases.

COOPI aims to treat 12,326 children aged between 6 and 59 months, who suffer from acute malnutrition, by implementing a management and prevention project from March to December 2019. In order to do so, it encourages best practices on infant and young child feeding in emergency situations and on hygiene, it organises cooking demonstrations and distributes recreational kits for children.

Awareness-raising campaigns organised by COOPI adopt a participatory, active and inclusive approach involving both women and local political and administrative authorities, including religious and community leaders. In doing so, best practices on children’s health and nutrition will be taught to families and the community at large, in order to reduce children morbidity and mortality.

The project is funded by: