What We Do

Protection and education for children and adolescents affected by the crisis

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In Diffa - a region severely affected by the influx of people fleeing Boko Haram violence - there are thousands of children who are exposed first-hand to the risks of abuse, exploitation and recruitment by armed groups. The project seeks to answer the emergency-related humanitarian needs by providing protection and education for the underage.

In order to reduce children’s vulnerability and strengthen their capability to face the aforementioned dangers, Mobile Psycho-Social Support Desks were created. Some of them are tailored to adolescents and include education on sexual and reproductive health, a choice made in order to break those taboos that prompt violence survivors to avoid telling their experience, therefore not allowing them to receive the needed support.

The project, funded by ECHO (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations), recognizes education as a paramount feature for protection and aims to improve access to primary education by building stands, temporary learning spaces and schools in refugee camps. Training activities for teachers are set to take place with the purpose of strengthening their capability to detect signs of distress in students and to point out children at risk or with specific needs for assistance. Lastly, a strong attention will be paid to disabled children’s needs, so that their incapability to access facilities is overcome and they can benefit from adequate services.

The project is financed by: