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Protection of children hit by the Lake region crisis

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Since 2013 Chad has been hosting Nigerian refugees fleeing from Boko Haram’s violence while also dealing with a growing number of internally displaced persons due to the uprise of attacks in the Country itself. This unstable context is especially unsafe for children forced to move away from their home villages, putting their protection at risk.

For these reasons, COOPI has created transition and reception facilities to grant protection for children who were rescued from armed groups and/or unaccompanied, where they can be safe while waiting to be reunited with their families.

Concerning children’s rights, particular attention is being given to girls subject to potential abuse and early marriage. The project entails their involvement through recreational activities, but also discussion groups to strengthen their skills and awareness on gender topics. Moreover, COOPI recognizes the importance and relevance of both religious/community leaders and families, targeting them with awareness campaigns against the popular habit of early marriage and promoting childrens’ rights. The project involves roughly 70,000 people.

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