What We Do

Provision of hot meals for displaced persons in East Ghouta

The hostilities and military operations underway in East Ghouta have caused a constant influx of IDPs (Internally Displaced People), causing a profound impact on the safety and well-being of civilians living within the enclave. Since March 11, 2018, the total number of displaced persons living in collective shelters has been estimated to exceed 50,000. The quality of life within these facilities is severely compromised by lack of hygiene and resources and overcrowding.

COOPI provides support to the displaced population by setting up a kitchen and a collective canteen in the Nashabye village. Here, starting from October 2018, hot meals will be prepared and distributed to the 8,000 most vulnerable displaced persons and to the hosting village members - also affected by the destruction of the armed conflict - so as to fulfill minimal caloric intake (2,100 Kcal per day).

The population will be actively involved in the implementation of the project. Community volunteers will be chosen from among the beneficiaries, and COOPI will hire a number of IDPs to help during the preparation of food, promoting the participation of the community during the carrying out of the activities. The latter will also be in charge of collecting and reporting feedback from the community to COOPI staff, so that they can monitor requests and ideas for the improvement of food distribution and for potential future interventions as well.

Particular attention will be given to the most vulnerable, for whom awareness raising activities will be promoted to convey information between local staff and families about the protection of women and children. Likewise, hygiene-related good practives will be promoted as a preventive measure against the spread of epidemics.

The project is financed by UN OCHA (the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs).