What We Do

Renewable Energy and environmental conservation in Oromia and Somali regions

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, slowing down deforestation and creating jobs, inclusive for women.

COOPI is implementing the project entitled "Energy access and environmental conservation in Oromia and Somali Regions", which will promote the use of sustainable technologies, such as improved cook stoves, to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and the demand for biomass for cooking in Ethiopia.

COOPI is already working to distribute 60,000 improved cook stoves in four districts of South Oromia and in one district of Somali region, thereby supporting job creation by involving 20 local cooperatives for the production of efficient cook stoves. These are all activities in which women are often involved and the use of this technology would prevent respiratory diseases caused by fumes.

Most of the communities living in southern Ethiopia are pastoral and agro-pastoral and they are putting more and more pressure on natural resources and are becoming even more dependent on biomass. With this project, COOPI aims to improve the living conditions of the communities, increasing the level of awareness on environmental preservation and on a sustainable use of natural resources, both at local and institutional level. Environmental sustainability will consequently be improved and the capacity of local government on energy saving strengthened.

Photo credits: Ivan White Lawrence

The project is funded by:

Charity and Defence of Nature Foundation