What We Do



We ensure food security and reduce the vulnerability of populations to crises

COOPI works to ensure access to safe food, in sufficient quantity and quality to guarantee the nutritional quality of food consumed over time, a healthy life and the strengthening of the ability of people to deal with crises.

We adopt an integrated approach that consists of: intensifying agricultural and livestock production in both rural and urban communities; ensuring fair and sustainable access to water (for human and animal consumption and for irrigation); the promotion of correct hygiene-sanitary practices and access to widespread, efficient health services. We focus primarily on the individual and on families by working, where possible, to strengthen the entire production and services system; we promote the protection of biodiversity and support indigenous production. All our programs pay due attention to mitigating and preventing conflicts arising from the management of natural resources.

In areas where conditions have not adversely affected the development of a well-structured, stable agricultural production system, we adopt a ‘chain approach’ which involves providing support during the products’ conservation, transformation and marketing stages, in addition to supporting the production activities themselves. For this reason we promote the transfer of know-how for the benefit of the communities and local institutions alike.

Please note: the data on this page refer to the last Annual Report.