What We Do

Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship Education

We contribute to guarantee a highly qualified post-graduate education on development cooperation and promote the widespread of the value of solidarity trough awareness campaigns.

On the basis of UN guidelines, COOPI focuses on two main activities: campaigning & advocacy – supporting the communities through the engagement and support of citizens in the adoption of sustainable policies – and global learning, based on the development of global citizenship competencies within secondary schools, as well as professional competencies on post-graduate training.

At present, COOPI’s work on development education revolves around the Master in Cooperation and Development at the University of Pavia. Founded in partnership with the Cooperation and Development Network – a network of highly qualified academic training centring on development and cooperation – the Master C&D aims at training professionals in the field of international cooperation through a highly qualified academic and professional training. The main characteristic of this program is the strong link between the academia and the fieldwork.

Please note: the data on this page refer to the last Annual Report.