SET4Food launches a Call for energy in humanitarian settings
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17-01-2018 | di COOPI

SET4Food launches a Call for energy in humanitarian settings

The SET4food program launches a Call for Case Studies to select significant examples of sustainable actions in the field of access to energy in humanitarian settings.

Case Studies should constitute practical examples of sustainable energy interventions implemented to respond to the needs of crisis-affected populations, such as refugee camps or emergency contexts. Actions should highlight outstanding successful results significantly contributing to enhance the quality of life among target beneficiaries in a sustainable and effective way. Applications are welcome from all kind of organizations.

Case Studies should be sent to following e-mail address:
It is possible to download the forms for application proposals on SET4food's official website (here).

The best proposals will be invited to join an event organized by SET4Food on April 12th, 2018 about energy access-related topics, featuring relevant stakeholders from international organizations, donors and the private sector.

The deadline for applications is March 2nd, 2018.