COOPI and its programs

We intervene in contexts of extreme poverty and vulnerability.


Our intention is to see that any decisions that are made prior to projects being implemented are increasingly based on real problems communicated to us by the beneficiaries of our interventions, beneficiaries who also come to play a key role in the initial planning stages.

Our programs are designed around the following key aspects:

  • The centrality of the individual, with the aim of ensuring the protection of human dignity;
  • Analysis of the capabilities and vulnerabilities of the communities with which we cooperate;
  • Sustainability of interventions by promoting the development of local capabilities and better maintenance and management of existing environmental resources;
  • Participation of all interested groups and the involvement of the most vulnerable groups (children, adolescents, women, the elderly, indigenous populations, people with disabilities, AIDS sufferers, refugees and displaced people);
  • Strengthening of capabilities and transfer of know-how know how through the involvement and active mobilization of the communities, institutions and key players present in the areas of intervention;
  • Protection from violence of any kind and from security threats;
  • Promotion of gender equality understood as the possibility for men and women to exercise and enjoy equal rights and opportunities, in terms of accessing and controlling resources and taking part in decision-making processes;
  • Promotion of disaster risk reduction (DRR) in all of the organization’s activities.

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