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Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation

We promote access to and the informed and safe use of water and environmental resources

Access to water, of an adequate quality and in sufficient quantities, is for COOPI an essential factor for the development of the communities with which it cooperates, given the recognized strong link between the management of this resource, food security and health. We also promote the efficient use of water resources. In this sense, COOPI recognizes climate change as a factor that can limit both the availability and the access to water, and therefore promotes adaptation strategies which will help to mitigate the risks of water shortage and the associated conflicts.

In particular, we ensure access to water by building wells, installing water capture systems, restoring or building infrastructures and water supply points (along transhumance lines, for example), building efficient irrigation systems and collecting rainwater from the roofs of privately owned and public buildings. With regard to access to water for human consumption, we promote awareness-raising activities in communities with regard to domestic treatment systems and safe storage, the risks deriving from the transmission of water-associated diseases, and we promote mediation in potential conflicts arising over the management of the resource. Moreover, we promote the integrated management of solid waste that involves all the different stages.

Please note: the data on this page refer to the last Annual Report.