What We Do

Bush schools in CAR

The project has been implemented in the northern part of  the country, on the border with Chad, in a region that for  many years has been interested by civil war, by continuous  fights between the rebels and the regular army, and finally  by continuous incursions of bandits coming from other countries.
Consequently, in 2007, children in the villages of the Paoua  sub-prefecture had not attended school for two years.

The project’s objective has been that of re-inserting all children in the educational system, initially trough the creation of  “bush schools”, made out of tree branches, leaves, carpets and tents, and, only later, by guiding children in the accomplishment of their state’s exams and the inclusion into the formal educational system. Furthermore, the project has carried out teachers training sessions on pedagogical and teaching methods, and parents’ awareness raising activities on the importance of the right to education and to guarantee school attendance, as well as girls’ schooling.

With this project:
- 104 schools have opened and have started their courses;
- 28 teachers, 301 “maitre parents” (auxiliary teachers) and 104 parents’ associations have been trained;
- 141 school kits, 539 tents, 3.690 mats, 109 boards and 483 20lt tanks for potable water have been distributed;
- 32,522 children are not enrolled in primary schools.