What We Do

Climate change resilience in the state of Kassala

Marginalisation, underdevelopment and chronic poverty have long affected the state of Kassala, making it one of the Sudanese states most vulnerable to drought and flooding.

To respond to this emergency, COOPI is “Promoting climate change resilience of the most vulnerable populations in the state of Kassala ". The project will reach about 35,737 people among IDPs and host population.

Increasing access to safe drinking water is one of the main goal of the food and nutrition security strategy.

Improving water supply would also allow communities to use safe water for food preparation, thus reducing the incidence of water-borne diseases.

Avoiding further crop deterioration is another project’s goal. COOPI will therefore improve production and livelihood capacities, encouraging drought-resilient farming practices and strengthening pastoral activity by investing in large-scale livestock vaccination.

The project is funded by: