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Renewable energy for social development in Sierra Leone

From 2014 to 2018, COOPI implemented the European Union funded project Promoting Renewable Energy Services for Social Development in Sierra Leone (PRESSD-SL).

The project has increased access to renewable energy for the rural population, who were deprived of it and forced to use fossil, expensive and polluting sources.

COOPI, in collaboration with Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Oxfam Ibis and EFO (Energy For Opportunity), has installed 100 Charging Stations (small-scale solar panel power plants) and 22 Energy Hubs (more powerful plants, which allowed to serve a wide range of community needs).

Increased access to electricity has enabled almost 850,000 people to recharge their mobile phones, light their streets at night and have Community refrigerators to store drinks and food.

The benefits of these interventions have also increased production for 10,000 small farmers, who have improved the marketing of local products such as cashew nuts, thanks to the supply of energy for the processing and transformation of raw materials.

Finally, at community level, the connection to a grid of electricity produced from renewable energy and the installation of autonomous solar systems have made it possible to reduce lighting costs and to electrify schools, medical centres, hospitals, public and Community institutions.

The project was funded by:

In collaboration with:

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Oxfam Ibis and EFO