The eighth edition of COOPI Meeting is almost here!
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21-09-2018 | di COOPI

The eighth edition of COOPI Meeting is almost here!

Preparations are underway inside the walls of our NGO: 35 expats are on their way to Milan for the eighth edition of COOPI Meeting, which will be held from September 24th to September 28th in the close Pavesi Center and in the COOPI headquarters.

COOPI Meeting gathers all the representatives of our organization working abroad (coming from Africa, Middle East, Latin American and the Caribbean) with the staff from the head office. It is a meeting both unique and out of-the-ordinary, conceived to share thoughts, knowledge and good practices within a common vision and path.

The first part of the initiative will feature a series of considerations aimed at evaluating the situation of this year. Among them, the speech by President Claudio Ceravolo on the “State of Cooperation in the age of populism”; the definition of new internal tools for the strategic programming, planning, monitoring and evaluation; a report on the work carried out by the strategic and organizational laboratory, with a focus on international activities.

The second part of COOPI Meeting will feature area meetings, during which each Country will decide its own strategy programs.

COOPI Meeting will end with the organization’s yearly event “COOPI Cascina Aperta”, that will be held on Saturday September 29th.