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Since 2014, COOPI has been providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations while strengthening their resilience to conflict-driven and climate stresses in Nigeria.

The projects involved multiple sectors: Food Security and Livelihoods, Nutrition, Shelter, WASH, Protection, and Education in Emergencies (EiE), mostly in Yobe and Borno States. Currently, COOPI is supporting people also in Sokoto state, thanks to a physical presence distributed through a total of three offices: one general coordination in Abuja, three field offices in Geshua, Damaturu (Yobe State) and in Sokoto (Sokoto State).

In Yobe state, COOPI co-leads multi-sectoral programs focusing on food security, livelihoods recovery, cash-based transfers, conflict mitigation, social cohesion, general protection, and youth empowerment. While, in Sokoto, it is supporting a rapid disaster response through the development of Early Warning Systems and Social safety.

All COOPI’s programs also address the protection needs of conflict-affected populations through the establishment of community-led care services and case management systems, including Child Protection, Gender-Based Violence (GBV), as well as the provision of psychosocial support and training for caregivers and social workers from several State Ministries. Special attention is paid to strengthening peaceful coexistence through peace-building efforts and social cohesion activities at the community level.

In Nigeria, COOPI is working with partners such as international and national NGOs, and this allowed to reach more than 300,000 people in 2021.


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HDI - Human Development Index

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

38% %

Illiteracy rate (% adults aged 15 and older)

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

36.8 %

Rate of moderate/severe child malnutrition

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

0 %

Rate of population living below poverty line

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020



Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


International staff
Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


Local staff
Source: COOPI Annual report 2022Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


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