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Since 2004, COOPI has been present in Sudan, where it implemented development and humanitarian assistance interventions and supported the most vulnerable groups, afflicted by conflicts and natural disasters, including refugees, displaced persons and host communities. 

Our results in the country

Areas of intervention :
Areas of intervention:
Water and Sanitation Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction Humanitarian assistance Protection
5 projects
0% development
100% emergency

direct beneficiaries


international operators


local operators

Areas of intervention:
Areas of intervention:
Water and Sanitation Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction Humanitarian assistance Governance and human rights  Nutrition Security Economic development
110 projects
5% development
95% emergency

direct beneficiaries

COOPI presence in Sudan

At first, COOPI operated in North Darfur; while later on, in 2019, it expanded its presence to eastern Sudan - Kassala and Gedaref - and the capital Khartoum.

Over the years, COOPI adopted a multi-sectoral and integrated approach, which led to a considerable improvement and access to basic services with programmes dedicated to Shelter and Non-Food Items, Food Security and Livelihoods, WASH and Disaster Risk Reduction in the states of North Darfur, Kassala and Khartoum.

COOPI is currently actively engaged in the humanitarian emergency supporting the population affected by the conflict that broke out on April 15th, 2023 between the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces.

COOPI in Sudan today

The outbreak of the civil war in Sudan led to a restructuring of COOPI's interventions in the country and changed its geographical presence. The large number of displaced persons caused by the civil war makes Sudan the number one country in the world for the number of displaced persons, some 10 million of whom have fled to safer areas of the country or abroad.

COOPI activated a rapid emergency response, providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced mainly through WASH and non-food items (NFIs) activities by distributing drinking water and basic necessities such as blankets, small cooking utensils, water containers, plastic sheeting and ropes, to set up temporary shelters while waiting for IDP sites.

In the field, COOPI's work is carried out in a coordinated manner with other humanitarian actors in the country to integrate the various humanitarian emergency management interventions. 

Main sectors of intervention today

COOPI provides humanitarian assistance to displaced persons in Sudan by distributing basic necessities (NFIs) such as:

  • Blankets;
  • Small cooking utensils;
  • Water containers;
  • Plastic sheeting and ropes to set up temporary shelters.




COOPI currently facilitates emergency access to quality water in Sudan through:

  • Drinking water distribution;
  • Water sanitation product distribution;
  • Waste containers distribution and waste management systems structuring, as a way to prevent possible epidemics;
  • Good hygiene practices training, as a way to prevent possible epidemics.






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Future developments in Sudan

Increasing the capacity to respond to humanitarian emergencies is the top priority of COOPI development activities in Sudan. As such, COOPI collaborates with teams capable of moving frequently, who can activate humanitarian assistance interventions very quickly in different areas, following the course of the conflict and the multiple natural disasters afflicting the country. The main areas of interventions will remain emergency WASH and NFIs distribution. 

COOPI is strengthening its partnership with local organisations, such as the United Peace Organisation (UPO), with which it is already actively implementing project management activities in Khartoum. Local partners are also strategically important to reach areas where access is limited due to security reasons.

In terms of geographical distribution, COOPI intends to further strengthen its presence in Gedaref and North Darfur and also to further develop activities in River Nile and Northern State.


COOPI's projects in Sudan are currently funded by:

nome fondazione
nome fondazione
nome fondazione
nome fondazione

WASH - Shelter/NFI - FSL Cluster - Protection

Sudan Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) - Refugee Commission - Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture - Ministry of Social Affairs - Ministry of the Interior - Ministry of Health - State Water Company


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